Together we are building the future

Dario Suter and Marc Schmidheiny are the owners and co-founders of No. 8 Schönhauser Allee.

Dario Suter is a creative entrepreneur who studied communication and business, for some of the time under media scientist and politician Prof. Peter Glotz in St. Gallen. Marc Schmidheiny is an entrepreneurial creative who studied photography and film in London, under star director Mark Forster among others. The two friends from Zurich now live in Berlin, where they share an enthusiasm for culture, IT and sustainability. In 2007, together with school friend Christoph Daniel, they founded DCM – a company active in the fields of film and start-ups. A fourth partner, Joel Brandeis, joined shortly afterwards. Today, DCM has around 50 employees and forms the heart of AchtBerlin.