Our community. For you and for each other.

Marc Schmidheiny, co-founder and builder: “We are looking for new tenants. Both companies and individuals who complement each other and enjoy using our spaces as much as we do – for individual ideas and shared experiences.”

The AchtBerlin community already includes an international artist, a renowned gallery owner from Paris, two visionary restaurateurs, and the company DCM, whose core business is film. With around 50 employees, DCM is currently the largest company at Schönhauser Allee 8 and is the heart of AchtBerlin. Dario Suter and Marc Schmidheiny, two of the four DCM partners, are also the owners and developers of AchtBerlin.

Dario Suter, co-founder and builder: “In the end, it’s the people who make the building AchtBerlin. We are happy to have tenants inspiring space for their work and are looking for connections for creativity.”


DCM – the heart of AchtBerlin.

DCM was founded in Berlin and Zurich in 2008 and has followed the same entrepreneurial principle from day one: “Create to inspire” – shaping something together inspiring others and DCM itself in multiple ways.

“We are fortunate enough to have found the best way to do this, with film as our core business. Films, people and stories behind them define our daily work – the goal of which is to share our enthusiasm, values and feelings with audiences.” Dario Suter, co-founder and managing director of DCM.


The director and producer


Director and producer Detlev Buck is a long-time companion of DCM and since 2018, has his own production company at No. 8 Schönhauser Allee. Together with him, among other things, the successful BIBI UND TINA films were created, which thrilled several million small and large cinema audiences. Together with DCM, Buck has also released the German cinema comedy ALLES WUFF and the gangster comedy WIR KÖNNEN NICHT ANDERS.

The coffee roasters

The Barn

The Barn serves up the best coffee in the world. The hand-picked beans come from Africa, South America and Asia. They are roasted in-house before being ground and perfectly prepared by top baristas. Those who choose the coffee and relaxing atmosphere of Ralf Rüller’s The Barn are also doing their part for social justice – in this case, starting with fair pay for coffee farmers. The café is often considered a hotspot for hipsters, but we regard The Barn simply as a way of life.


Paper & Tea

Wir freuen uns, dass wir mit Paper & Tea in der AchtBerlin  ist ein  wunderbares Team und gleichzeitig den für uns besten Anbieter exquisiter Tees begrüßen dürfen. Bei P & T wird die Tradition des Tees als Medium von Kommunikation, Kreativität und Kultur geschätzt. In den schönen Läden von P & T – einer davon befindet sich quasi gleich nebenan –  gibt es neben besonderen, ausgewählten Teesorten auch feines Papier in unterschiedlicher Form.