Cinema is a shared experience

The “campfire” of AchtBerlin

For the building owners and for DCM – the nucleus of AchtBerlin – the cinema provides a central venue for a variety of events, for coming together, and for creative interactions.

Dario Suter, one of the AchtBerlin owners: “We like to describe our cinema as the ‘campfire’ of AchtBerlin – the place where we gather together to experience an exciting program of culture and entertainment.”

With its 70 seats and approx. 140 m² of space, our cinema is probably the largest private cinema in Berlin. It is equipped with the latest high-end technology, a podium and a stage. The flexible room set-up can also be quickly reconfigured, giving this central venue many possible uses.

“We will use this space to screen films from DCM’s repertoire and to host talks with interesting figures in film, literature, music, art and other creative disciplines. As a platform for both young and experienced talent, it is a forum for initiating debate and seeking solutions to socially and culturally relevant topics and divisive issues. This attractive space can also easily be transformed into a venue for performances, workshops and conferences.”