Alles wird gut

When you stand on the rooftop terrace of the new building and look over the almost completed complex of AchtBerlin – down into the courtyards, over to the rear wing and then to the front section – you can feel this motto hovering over the entire ambitious project: EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.

A hand-sewn flag by Berlin artist Simon Mullan adorns the building’s façade, providing a reassuring message for passers-by and all who work and live in the AchtBerlin complex – now and in the future.

About the artist

Simon Mullan (born 1981 in Kiel) lives in Berlin and works in a large factory studio near Angermünde in northern Germany. Painting, sculpture and installation form the core of his work, which also features video and performance art.

Mullan makes art out of commercially available, functional non-art materials and utensils like sandpaper, razor blades, ceramic tiles and grout, bomber jackets, worker’s attire and mechanical elements. He takes apart, cuts up and reconfigures his materials to create a distinct aesthetic.