DCM. The heart of AchtBerlin

“Create to inspire” – DCM’s guiding principle

DCM is an international team consisting of four partners and 50 employees. Its business: film, cinema and investing in start-ups. DCM has been the main tenant at No. 8 Schönhauser Allee for almost ten years and thus forms the nucleus of the present and future AchtBerlin community.

Dario Suter, one of the four founders of DCM: “We have followed the same entrepreneurial principle since we founded the company in 2008 – ‘Create to inspire’. That means shaping something together that inspires others and DCM itself in multiple ways. We are fortunate enough to have found the best way to do this, with film as our core business.”

The focus of the owner-managed company still reflects the individual and joint career paths of partners Dario Suter, Christoph Daniel, Marc Schmidheiny and Joel Brandeis. The company is an expression of the four men’s passion for entrepreneurship and storytelling, also demonstrated in their investments in selected start-ups working within and outside the film industry.

DCM’s primary concern is to take a responsible attitude towards the issues it addresses. What it does should be meaningful and make a positive contribution to a healthy, liveable, more equitable future for current and future generations.

With this in mind, DCM wants to create an innovative home for companies and freelancers at AchtBerlin. While others speak of community, campus spirit and co-working, DCM cares less about categories and more about fostering a good community and a stimulating environment, out of which smaller working communities may also emerge.

The founders are looking for companies and individuals from sectors that share DCM’s philosophy: start-ups that promote topics related to the future of healthy living; media that take their responsibility to inform seriously; creative minds in film and entertainment, music and literature, art, design and lifestyle.